Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday Sept 15th, 2010

I have been doing well with homesickness. If I want the humidity of Florida, I go outside. If I crave American food. I go to Pizze Hut or the sushi bar. We don't own a home so I can't miss it!
Then, tonite while Joan and I are monitoring 7-9 duty, one of the students asked if we had pictures of our friends. I had made an iPhoto collage on iDVD with a music background. I said, "Sure. Let me show you."
Never show pictures of your friends with "That's What Friends Are For" playing in the background when you are 12,000 miles away. Man, do I miss my friends. It's little things that you never think about. It's little sayings like, "Whatever" and "Stu" and " Dude". I have no one to tease me about eating on "Republican time". I haven't heard a story about a paralyzed gerbil in two months. I miss NOT getting calls from Kerry. Steve D. -Do you realize that you and I can sit for 30 minutes in each other's company and never say a word and get up feeling like we had a long conversation? That's friendship, people! Jon-What cat ear are you biting tonite? Gene-I have'nt had my ass kicked in Wii bowling in 6 months! And the ex-students who became friends don't call out of the blue. I can't remember the last Hahn snort. I have no gay friends over here to ask if my shoes match my bag. Blois-how's DQ? And don't even mention pets like Sally and Han.
Well, I feel better now. Hope all is well in the States!

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  1. While I'm not as far away or as isolated from my friends as you, I know how you feel. Making the move here has been great in so many ways, but I miss my friends terribly, and just the other day started crying while posting some new pics on FB. I keep thinking it'll get easier. Hang in there!! You'll see everyone soon enough:). I'm enjoying reading your blog.