Friday, September 3, 2010

Thursday, 2 September

I started my morning with yoga--now I can’t move! Maybe after tomorrow’s session, I’ll be better! Our neighbor is organizing sessions in the dorm hall--I am sure it would be hilarious to watch--but for now, it’s just painful to do!!

Andy and I got our teaching assignments yesterday and our books today. I have been informed I will not have one of my reading classes but will replace it with an IETL class (only 2 students!!--they are the most advanced). Still 5 class preps but small classes (15 maximum). The text are well arranged and basically tell us what to do when.

After our meeting, 5 old farts (well, one is only 23 but the rest are over 60!) were out playing frisbee much to the delight and amusement of the passing Chinese students. We quit when Andy’s arm refused to throw any more.

Chang called today and invited us to lunch Saturday. A friend of her mother’s had sent us wine already and now she wants to take us to lunch. We are sooooo spoiled.

We found the meat and vegetable market today. From star of anise to Helmann’s mayonnaise, they had it all. Eight kinds of rice, vegetables we couldn’t begin to identify and some meats we probably would have preferred not to know about! The chickens looked very fresh; gizzards and hearts were plentiful. We saw some pork loins I wanted to bring home! We got peaches yesterday; they are delicious!

For those of you have been worried: there are cold sodas on every corner along with ice cream. The Chinese love their ice cream.

Anqi was by today. She is the first to take her English exam for graduate school (10 days from now). She will visit with one of us for an hour each day for the next couple of days to do practice work. Both Ping and Chang have them scheduled for the coming months, too. All of the students are busy studying for the GMAT exams, too.

We went to the upstairs dining room of cafeteria #6 tonight. You order off a menu and are served [rather than cafeteria style downstairs]. The manager was a sweetheart! She found the English translation copy and walked us through the various options. After the meal, I showed her one of the dishes we were curious about and she sat down with us to find the name. We will definitely go back to see her again. We had a broth bowl with green vegetables, green onions, clear noodles, wheat noodles and shrimp (we asked that they leave the chili peppers out!). It was yummy but the vegetable dish was GREAT: sauteed pieces of eggplant and thin sliced potatoes in a brown gravy with green onions and garlic. We added fried rice to our order but were so full by the time it came, we brought it home. It has got to be some of the best flavored rice we’ve had.

All in all a great day in Yantai (weather cooperated, too!).

More tomorrow.

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