Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1, 2010

First, by writing this entry and dating it, I just realized that tomorrow is our anniversary. I am an incredibly lucky man. Also, Joan is an incredibly patient woman.

We had our second teacher’s meeting today and were given our class assignments. We both will teach a class called Interchange which is a basic communications class. I have the entry level kids and Joan has the second year, second semester students. In addition to this lass I will teach writing to second and third year students for a total of 4 preps. Joan also will teach reading to second year, oral English to second year, and world cultures to third year for a total of 5 preps.

A special note to those of you who have taught comp. classes:

Our director gave me only 18 hrs. of class instead of 20 like everyone else. He stated that teaching writing required extra grading time and that anyone who disagreed could trade me schedules. I was nearly stunned out of my chair. After 28 years of English, I’ve never had an administrator do this! There is hope!

Our faculty is having a discussion about electronic translators. We are divided on allowing them in the classroom or not. Remember, for all intent, these are foreign language classes. Some feel that the translators become a crutch. Others see them as a useful tool. Because students try to divide and conquer, we feel we need a united front on this issue. Your input is welcomed. Remember to email your response as we cannot see our blog site.

This also gives me a chance to thank our daughter, Berkeley, for updating our blog. We email her the text and pictures and she cuts and pastes them to our site. Thank you, BDA!

We haven’t posted pix for a while as we don’t always carry the camera on campus. I did see a couple of unusual things yesterday. I saw my first Chinese lawnmower. Usually mowing is done by sending six guys out with weed eaters. Yantai U. has a mower. I also heard this godawful noise and turned around to see a Harley. Up to now, we have seen small electric scooters and a few small engine motorcycles. This one was a Hawg!

If you want to Skype with us the best time is during your evening. During the U.S. morning, we are frequently thrown off the internet. There are 7,000 providers in the U.S. There are 3in China. Once this place awakens and gets going, internets fill up. Our skype name is jnalindauer

My two index fingers are now tired. I am a two fingered typist. Hope all is well in the states.

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