Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday, 26 September

As you may know, today was my birthday. Someone told my students and they asked Andy to bring the camera and me to the classroom at 8.30--not before!
When I arrived, they had gotten me this beautiful--and delicious--cake. The icing is fluffy and delicious; the white cake is filled with fresh fruit between the two layers. Wonderful!
It came complete with lotus greeting. You light the center and it lights the candles which cause the petals to open. It then plays "happy birthday" for an incredibly long time considering
the size of the battery!
To make matters even better, the staff had also gotten me a birthday cake! It was the same inside but with chocolate sprinkles on the outside--mmmm, good!
So even though we had to teach on a Sunday, it was a great day and a wonderful birthday.
Hope you teachers out there have students as great as mine!!
More later . . .

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