Saturday, September 25, 2010

Autumn Holiday 22-24 September

The Chinese celebrate Autumn Holiday, this year on the 22nd. Our school (and many businesses) expand the holiday so people will have more time to travel home. Like most Chinese holidays, family is the first consideration. Many of my students were sad because they could not travel home to family--not something we expect from their counterparts in the U.S.! This holiday especially is known as the reunion holiday.
On Wednesday, we flew to Dalian. It is a 40 minute flight across the Bohai Bay north. Dalian is a younger city and was occupied/settled by the Russians, Japanese and Germans at different times. There is a Brazilian contingent as well (also in Yantai) because of the petroleum industry. It is technically larger than Yantai.
We have attached some pictures to give you an idea of the area. Dalian is a coastal city; we were warned that it is very polluted! We splurged and stayed at a Howard Johnson's! Yes, that was a splurge. We had a TUB, king sized bed and soft(er) mattress. Here it is a 5 star hotel--comparable to a Ritz in the states! It also cost us about twice as much as the 3 starred hotels we stayed in during our travels in August ($89US/night!). BUT they did have American food (croissants, sandwiches, french fries, lamb chops, toast, salad); these are not what we normally get! Tuesday afternoon we went to a buffet and were actually charged an 'extra food' fee since Andy went back so many times!--Why doesn't that surprise anyone???
The pictures show two of the teachers at the Dalian branch of WECL as well as buildings in the Russian district.
More to follow.

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