Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yantai, Thursday, 19 August

Ni Hao! Andy and I spent the morning waiting to relocate. Our 'old' room (across the hall) had construction going on outside and lots of mold/mildew. No problem getting the move okay-ed but had to wait for a 2nd key to be made before we could get access to the new place. We are now all settled in and the last load of laundry drying.

After we had moved, we went to the large mall located just off campus for some shopping. After sushi (you knew there had to be food involved, didn't you?), we perused the entire mall: two stories with 2 corridors of shops (Mickey is here and North Face, too). After stopping at Mickey D's for ice cream (we are really suffering over here!), we caught a cab back to campus. Please note: we did this entire adventure on our own, no Ping or Jinlong to assist us!

Early this morning, we visited the WECL office to use their computers since our internet service was down. The service in the new accommodations came up promptly and, knock on wood, has had no problems all day! WECL has a good collection of English reading material so Andy and I are not fighting over the Kindle.

Things are getting more routine now as we settle in. We will continue to post pictures and notes as we go along. Hopefully we'll get our passports back tomorrow and be able to take the ferry to Dalian (across the bay) for a day trip.

More news later--

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