Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday, August 9, Beijing

Today is our last day in Beijing. We will spend a lot of time getting ready to travel. Over half our stuff gets shipped to Yantai U. The rest goes with us to Shanghai/Hangzhou. Little Miss Energy lounged around our luxury suite this morning while I took about a 1 1/2 hour walk. I think she encourages this to give herself some quiet time. The first part of my walk took me past countless street cleaners( see the broom picture) and a woman doing Tai Chi. The trash man looks a little overloaded. I watched till he was out of sight and his load never fell over. I also felt very secure knowing that the street was guarded by these vigilant security guys. Sooooo many people have dogs. Much like NYC, the morning streets are filled with dogs and their masters.

Berkeley has remarked that a some of our photos are blurry. One of the problems is that it is SOOOOOOOO overcast and smoggy, refracted light is everywhere. Because of this, auto focus cameras have a hard time deciding on what to focus. Wow, Mr Southwood, my physics teacher would be proud. If you don't take a landscape photo by 10am, you are going to have a problem.

I have already decided on some gifts for friends back home. Can you figure out who will get the President Obamao T-shirt or the Chairman Mao fanny pack? We have also found some great children's PANDA gifts.

Joan and I spent about an hour repacking for the trip to Shanghai. By combining perscriptions, I eliminated about 15 medicine bottles. Why have 4 bottles of Malox when you can combine and have 2. We have also decided to take fewer sets of clothes.

*Travel Tip* Buy Columbia Nylox clothes, wear them into the shower, wash with shampoo, thoroughly rinse and wring out, hang up in the window or over the AC. Shirts are ready the next morning. Shorts and pants are ready by noon next day. Teatree shampoo leaves a nice scent.

As a special treat, I took Joan on a surprise trip. When she got there, we were at a bakery. She was like a kid and couldn't make up her mind. She opted for the Chocolate cake. Chris W.- They have black and white cookies! I treated myself to a Mickey D's coffee!

We are currently waiting for DHL to show up and collect our To Ship items. It is interesting. We stand a better chance of getting an English speaking agent with DHL ( a German Company) as opposed to UPS ( an American Co.)

As I have exhuasted myself writing this post, I must now take nap #2 for the day.

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