Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yantai: August 18

Things have slowed down now that we have arrived at our destination. We are in a settling in mode and waiting for classes to begin. The University starts classes on the 23rd; we won't start our classes until the 2nd. When we get set up, we'll send pictures of our new space and home.
We learned today that we need to go to the police station to get our resident visas but don't know when we are going. That seems to be the rule in China: you have to do something but nobody knows when or sometimes even where.
Our internet has gone down twice in 2 days--Andy is most frustrated.
Jinlong took us to lunch today and at last we managed to get $3 haircuts--really nice haircuts!! We also visited the really large shopping mall close to campus and found Hall's cough drops and--best of all--the Chinese version of Moon Pies! Also found a sushi restaurant so we know where Andy will want to head for lunch today! I know many of you are worried about Andy finding food to eat; no fears, he has discovered many Chinese candies and salty snacks he likes. The boy will not starve!
The US and S Korea conducting training exercises so the Chinese military is on alert and we have Migs overhead twice daily. We have been hesitant about taking pictures of them since we don't want to be accused of spying.
Quiet day today. We are waiting to relocate across the hall in our dorm. Lots of construction on the north side; we are moving to a room on the southside. It has less mold (yes, you read that correctly!) and is quieter. Hopefully the air conditioner works well!! It overlooks the library and south entrance.
Did laundry yesterday. The washing machine is down the hall and free!! We then hang the laundry on hangers on a rod in our bedroom that cranks up and down. It is very efficient. Dryers are mostly non-existent.
Another day in China . . . (Pics are from the new apartment)

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