Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday, 12 August in Suzhou

We traveled by bus (horn happy driver) from Wuzhen to Suzhou in the morning. Passed some rural areas with rice paddies and vegetable gardens in evidence as well as some industries (titanium food additive center!!--no kidding). In addition to the babies on board we even had a duck and rooster traveling with us (sorry the picture is not clear!).
Suzhou, a city crisscrossed with canals and surrounded by a river, was a silk center back in the long ago. Today it is a mix of the very modern and the traditional. Being close to Shanghai, it is taking advantage of the increased flow of traffic for the Expo. Andy wanted "American" yesterday (so did Chang!) so we ate lunch at a KFC. It was sorta like stateside.
We grabbed a cab (another experience in bumper cars with horns!) and visited the Humble Administrator's Garden. The pictures speak for themselves although I'm not sure where the 'humble' comes in! We only lasted about an hour before we went looking for some AC! The girls tell us they have spent the summer inside as well because of the heat so it's not just us wimpy Americans! After cold showers, we walked to the same area for dinner where we had lunch and enjoyed some delicious traditional Chinese food -- cost of about $12 for the 4 of us! Andy failed to take his camera to dinner last night--sorry boys, the miniskirts were in evidence everywhere!
Chang and Avon have not been to this area before. They think nothing of going up to folks and asking questions about the area: where something is, a restaurant suggestion, etc. Everyone is very helpful.
So helpful that they don't want Andy to be alone. He is getting the 'call me' cards both under the door and in person. He has started a collection!
We have taken the last two days a little easier and will do the same in Shanghai tomorrow (laundry day).

Friday morning, 13 August Suzhou
We depart this morning by rail (fastest train in the country) for Shanghai. Doubt we'll get any kind of pictures. Will follow up tonight after we settle in.

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Sit back, relax and thanks for traveling with us!

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