Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shanghai con't

After the pearl jam (get it) we went to lunch. I swear we were in Branson MO for a theme lunch. It was a large eatery and the staff were all costumed. We were met at the door by musicians making noise (literally--couldn't call it music!). During the meal the stage was put to use with traditional dances, singing, and flute playing (Andy enjoyed the pretty girls). The only thing missing from a true Branson experience was a cowboy shoot-out ( or I guess warlord sword fighting.) Lunch was huge and very good. One new dish was a bowl of fried eggs, tomatoes, green peppers, and onions. We did not have snake wine but it was available.

A short ride took us to the silk center. The silk guide told us about worms and moths and mulberry and stuff. Andy just watched (we both agreed she was beautiful.) After watching the manufacturing process, we moved to the bedroom silk stuff. The covers and sheets were incredible--the colors were intense; the designs intricate. We could not resist. Joan had intended to buy a silk comforter to use in Yantai. We also added the cover, sheets and pillow cases. Fortunately for us, they could vacuum pack everything and make it easy to carry. For a good time- email Joan and ask her about her passport! We moved to the clothing section but struck out. Chinese women do not wear 36C blouses and Chinese men have never heard of an XX-tubby shirt.

The stop at the Jade Buddha offered not only a Buddhist temple but a jade store and a tea room. We sampled various herbal teas good for what ails. We bought young, spring green tea for energy and Lotus tea for Andy's lower GI problem. Both were very good. The spring green was sweet but had no sugar added--and all were no caffeine. The jade was beautiful but expensive.

We made our way back to our hotel for our daily argument-who does laundry! This is a little different, though. We each want to do the laundry. The one who does the washing and wringing gets to stand in the cool shower while the other guy waits. Andy actually volunteers for the job.

Our girls returned earlier than expected from Expo. The lines are HUGE!!!! They waited at least 2 hours to get into each exhibition. They were tired, hot and frustrated on their return. All in all they only got into 2 exhibits. We had heard from 2 guys on the tour with us that the lines were very long except to the African Pavilion which for some reason has no line at all. According to the Italian and Swiss gentlemen, the African is set up like a huge bazaar with different countries represented and is really neat. Sorry we didn't know in advance to tell the girls.

Today is still undecided. We are treating the girls to the day as they have been such wonderful guides. Breakfast at the hotel and probably sushi for lunch. The girls want to visit the Yu Gardens and the Shanghai Aquarium is on the list, too. They leave on a train tonight for the Shandong area. We fly to Yantai in the morning.

Best from China,
Andy and Joan

A dragon's favorite food-PEARLS!

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