Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Countdown to China

This is our first attempt at a blog so bear with us! We will get pictures, etc in when we have a better idea of what we are doing!!
What do you name a blog? We thought about China Chatter, Lindauer Travels, etc. Nothing seemed to work until we considered that we will spend most of our time in Yan Tai, China so Yan Tidings seems a good fit. [Andy wanted to use Barack Obloga but it just lacked 'something'!]
We have had the pleasure of seeing most of our friends/family before our departure--whether in Florida, Tennessee, Indiana or California. Thank you all for coming to see us-- we will hope to see you again in February!!
Andy & I have been enjoying some beautiful California weather--sleeping with the windows open! We are in the final countdown and trying to get all the banking and insurance business closed before we depart.
We depart Monday for Beijing. We go to SeaTac (Seattle Tacoma) first where niece, Shannon Berkley, will meet us and show us some of Seattle. We hope to see some friends there, too. We will depart about 8.30pm and will arrive at 11.10PM on Tuesday night--which means we'll get to the hotel Wednesday am--very early! Lu Chao (FGCU Fulbright Scholar) and Xie Ping (FGCU exchange student last year) are anxiously awaiting our arrival. They have sights for us to see in addition to the Wall, Tienamenn Square and the Forbidden City. We'll post pictures and information as we go.
Will try to get back to this tomorrow and add pictures, etc.

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  1. Yay! I can't wait to see and hear all about your travels.

    Have a safe journey.

    xoxo Danna